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Head Office:- Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj

Phone: 081-415027, 415037
Fax: 415068
Post Box No: 85

Narayanpur Branch

Narayanpur, Dang
Phone No. 082-530151
Phone No. 082-530150

Tulsipur Branch Office

Tulsipur, Dang
Phone No. 082-522780
Fax No. 082-522781

Bansgadhi Branch Office

Bansgadhi, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-400101
Fax No. 084-400102

Mangragadhi Branch Office

Mangragadhi, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-404068
Fax No. 084-404069

Kohalpur Branch Office

Kohalpur, Banke
Phone No. 081-541718
Fax No. 081-541719

Ghorahi Branch Office

Ghorahi, Dang
Phone No. 082-563740
Fax No. 082-563741

Bhurigaun Branch Office

Bhurigaun, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-403118
Fax No. 084-403119

Hapure Branch Office

Hapure, Dang
Phone No. 082-403052
Fax No. 082-403053

Lalmatiya Branch Office

Lalmatiya, Dang
Phone No. 082-580101
Fax No. 082-

Patabhar Branch Office

Shantibazar, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-
Fax No. 084-

Mobile No. 9801328811

Lamahi Branch Office

Lamahi, Dang
Phone No. 082-540820
Fax No. 082-540821

Gulariya Branch

Gulariya , Bardiya
Phone No. 084-420386
Fax No. 084-420387

Rajpur Dang

Rajpur-5, Dang
Phone No. 082-
Fax No. 082-

Mobile No. 9801328814

Mainpokhar Bardiya

Mainpokhar-6, Bardiya
Phone No. 084-401081
Fax No. 084-

Mobile No. 9801328815

Agaiya Banke

Agaiya, Banke
Phone No. 081-
Fax No. 081-

Mobile No. 9801328816

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